Workplace issues

Problems with Performance

Workplace issues such as underperforming employees affect your bottom line. Industryus HR are experts at implementing proven HR strategies to improve employee and leadership performance.

Employers do not need to suffer with failed deadlines or mediocre work. There is a way to improve individual employee and leadership performance issues with compliant performance management strategies which are proven to be successful time and time again.

It’s best to start managing problem employees as early as possible, as due to strict workplace laws these issues can take some time to resolve.

Poor Employee Conduct

Employers should never feel as though their hands are tied in relation to addressing workplace issues such as poor conduct in the workplace. Poor employee conduct affects workplace morale and can impact your business’ reputation.

Some common examples of poor conduct may include:

  • rudeness or shortness to customers;
  • inappropriate language;
  • bullying and harassment in any direction;
  • violence or threatening behaviour;
  • insubordination to superiors;
  • failing to follow reasonable directions from the employer;
  • theft;
  • dishonest behaviour.

Whether it’s new workplace issues or it’s an ongoing problem, with the right HR specialist these situations can be efficiently resolved.

Injuries and Return to Work

Where an employee has injured themselves, whether while at work or in their free time, it can often have a major impact on business operations. Sometimes, absence due to injury can also be for lengthy periods and may cause financial loss and frustration for the employer. Engaging a specialist who is experienced in the management of workplace injuries and return to work strategies will result in more positive outcomes.

It’s also helpful to know where you stand with the relevant legislation and how you can successfully get your employee working back in your business sooner than later. As WorkCover specialists, Industryus HR are able to assist you to understand your WorkCover and workplace health and safety obligations in this regard.

For busy employers, Industryus HR consultants can also offer support with claim management. We can take on the entire process including any liaison with WorkCover and the employee’s medical practitioners, and also developing suitable duties and return to work plans to safely return your employee to work.

WorkCover Stress Claims

WorkCover psychological (stress) claims, where employees have claimed bullying, harassment and/or that heavy work loads have affected them adversely, are quite common. Where such claims are made against the employer it can be frustrating and stressful for all involved. It is highly recommended that advice is sought immediately after receiving a claim so that you can be in the best position to defend your business. In many cases, it is possible to successfully defend psychological claims.


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