Get to the bottom of a complaint by engaging an independent expert to conduct your next workplace investigation. 

Where an employee complaint has been received a workplace investigation into the matter may be warranted. It is important to manage complaints in a fair and consistent manner and in accordance with any workplace policies in place.

Industryus HR will talk you through your obligations in this regard so that you can be assured the matter will be handled appropriately.

We offer comprehensive independent workplace investigation services for workplace complaints, servicing locations throughout the eastern states of Australia. We specialise in investigating workplace complaints about bullying and harassment, sexual harassment, and other workplace conduct related issues.

It is important to get it right. Incorrectly processing an investigation could result in additional risk for your organisation. This is because there are laws that require organisations to carry out a procedurally fair investigation, and who better to ensure this occurs than an expert. In addition to this risk, we recommend staff complaints are independently investigated to avoid claims of bias or mishandling of the complaint by an internal person. Employers are better off handing over to an independent workplace investigation expert early in the process to avoid issues later on.

We work with both employers and third parties such as law firms to provide independent findings for workplace matters.

Our team of Workplace Investigators cover major cities and regional areas throughout Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Most investigations can be conducted via telephone or Zoom, or at a neutral location. However in some circumstances it may be better to go on site. If you are located anywhere between Melbourne and Cairns, we can help you. We also service regional inland centres such as Toowoomba, Warwick, Lismore, Armidale, Dubbo, Tamworth, Bendigo and the list goes on.

Contact us today to arrange a confidential discussion about your workplace matter.