Need an independent investigator for your Toowoomba workplace?

As an employer, it is almost inevitable that you will be faced with a complaint from one or a group of your employees at some stage. Or, a serious workplace issue might arise that you have an obligation to investigate. In these circumstances, you might wish to engage a workplace investigator to run the process.


Toowoomba Workplace Investigator

Why is it so important to ensure you conduct an appropriate independent investigation?

Employers must be able to establish the facts of what actually happened in order to make appropriate decisions for the matter. Without a thorough and considered approach, employers are more likely to make ill-informed decisions and face greater liability and potential litigation.

Getting it wrong can be costly. There are numerous avenues a disgruntled employee can choose such as unfair dismissal, adverse action, anti-bullying etc. The average cost of a workplace discrimination claim is $200,000. Which means that investing in a proper process to protect yourself and your business makes complete sense and could save you tens of thousands of dollars in the future.

Many employers fall into the trap of conducting a workplace investigation themselves or choosing the cheapest option possible. It is well worth the investment of using an experienced workplace investigator who has solid experience and sound knowledge of the process – this will offer valuable protection down the track. Industryus workplace investigators deliver professional investigation services to help your organisation sit in a defensible position in the event a claim is raised by an employee.

Our team are appropriately trained in how to manage an investigation and determine findings.

Failure to carry out a procedurally fair and robust investigation could come back to haunt you at a later date. Engage an experienced team for your workplace investigation. Industryus HR specialises in conducting workplace investigations Australia wide, however large or small.

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