Don’t terminate an employee without seeking advice first.

Current Fair Work laws heavily protect employees who have been unfairly terminated or treated adversely in some way. As a result, the decision to terminate an employee should not be taken lightly by any employer. In saying that however, sometimes termination is the only option or the most appropriate option and this is where Industryus HR can support your organisation to complete a compliant process and keep you protected.

Most often, the likelihood of success in defending a termination will depend on the process you have engaged in for the termination and any mitigating factors you may have considered. This means that it is important to engage a highly trained HR specialist early on so that all the boxes are ticked along the way.

It is never too late to seek advice if you are planning on carrying out a termination. Often any faults with a process can be rectified to improve your organisation’s position and reduce exposure to actions such as unfair dismissal, prior to making a decision to terminate an employee.

Industryus HR works exclusively with established employers with between 10 and 200 staff. We will work with you to understand your desired outcome, the steps that should be taken to reduce exposure when you have decided to terminate an employee, and any associated risks or alternatives. We help you to achieve a more productive workplace, free from those ongoing performance or conduct issues that may be eating up your time.

Terminate an employee

Are you planning to make a role redundant?

Whether your organisation plans to make only one employee redundant or implement a broader structural change, our employment relations specialists have extensive experience in managing restructures and the redundancy process. Our depth of knowledge and commercial decision-making experience also provides you with outsourced HR support which understands the strategic reasons that change is required for your company to operate at an optimal level.

Some reasons organisations choose to restructure may include:

  • For better efficiency;
  • To accommodate growth or a new strategy;
  • As a result of a downturn in business;
  • After the introduction of technology;
  • To simplify a complex structure;
  • To reduce or redistribute costs; and
  • To better distribute functions against actual skill sets.

Whatever the reason, there are inherent risks when making major changes to the workplace such as the decision to terminate an employee or employees. Therefore, engaging an employment relations expert is paramount to ensuring your business is in a strong position to defend any workplace claims that may arise. A small initial outlay to ensure process alignment with Fair Work laws may save tens of thousands of dollars down the track.

Contact us to arrange a free initial 30-minute introductory call to discuss how Industryus HR can assist with your workplace issue. Or consider signing on to our Membership where you can seek over the phone HR advice whenever you need it and gain access to our HR portal which hundreds of template letters, contracts, forms and checklists to help you manage your workforce.

What is outplacement?

Outplacement can be a nice way to soften the blow and provide support to exiting employees, particularly for longer-term or older employees who may struggle to re-enter the workforce.

Outplacement is a valuable support service provided to employees who are exiting an organisation, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Most commonly outplacement is offered when a redundancy occurs. It helps former employees re-orient themselves in the job market and transition out of your organisation more easily. It can also provide strategic benefits for the employer and is therefore highly recommended for some situations.

We work with trusted industry leader OnTalent for all outplacement and career transition programs. OnTalent offers a suite of programmes ranging from one through to twelve months which are tailored to meet your workforce transition and outplacement needs. Contact us to secure our partner pricing.

Unfair dismissal support

Have you received an unfair dismissal claim or other dispute?

Receiving an unfair dismissal claim can be upsetting and stressful. The Fair Work Commission process can often seem daunting, and it can be difficult to work out your next steps when it’s all new to you.

Employers should engage a skilled employment relations practitioner such as Industryus HR soon after receiving the notification of the Application for Unfair Dismissal. We will be able to work with you to break down the facts of the matter and discuss the best approach to take based on our experience and the law. The Industryus HR team is highly experienced in responding to employee claims and can manage the process with the Fair Work Commission on your behalf, including any telephone conciliation required. We will take the stress out of the situation and get your company on to a more positive pathway quickly.

If you have received an Unfair Dismissal Claim, time is of the essence. Contact Industryus HR immediately by calling 07 5655 4047 or via our contact form and we will discuss your options with you.