Don’t be stung by an unfair dismissal claim from a poorly handled redundancy process.

Whether your company plans to make only one employee redundant or implement a broader structural change, our employment relations specialists have extensive experience in managing restructures and the redundancy process. Our depth of knowledge and commercial savvy also provides you with a HR partner who understands the strategic changes required for your company to operate at an optimal level.

There are many business-related reasons organisations make the decision to restructure. Some of these reasons may include:

  • For better efficiency;
  • To accommodate growth or a new strategy;
  • As a result of a down turn in business;
  • To simplify a complex structure;
  • To reduce or redistribute costs; and
  • To better distribute functions against actual skill sets.

Whatever the reason, there are inherent risks when making major changes to the workplace. Therefore, engaging an employment relations expert is paramount to ensuring your business is in a strong position to defend any workplace claims that may arise. A small initial outlay to ensure process alignment with Fair Work laws may save tens of thousands of dollars down the track.

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is a valuable support service provided to employees who are exiting an organisation, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Most commonly outplacement is offered when a redundancy occurs. It helps former employees re-orient themselves in the job market and transition out of your organisation more easily. It can also provide strategic benefits for the employer and is therefore highly recommended for some situations.

We work with trusted industry leader OnTalent for all outplacement and career transition programs. OnTalent offers a suite of programmes ranging from one through to twelve months which are tailored to meet your workforce transition and outplacement needs.

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