Attracting, recruiting and retaining talent is vital to your bottom line.

Spending the time to choose the right recruitment services provider is a no brainer. 

Did you know that the cost of hiring the wrong person can be as much as 50% of their salary? When the cost of elements such as the time it takes to re-advertise and re-recruit, retraining, administration, recruitment fees, empty seats, bad attitudes, poor customer service and the like are all considered – it pays to get it right the first time. 

To promote long term retainment of staff, it also pays to ensure your recruitment strategies are in sync with your human resources strategies. Unlike recruitment only agencies, Industryus HR also understands the fundamental HR challenges of your workplace and can assist you to improve your employer branding. By having recruitment and HR under one roof you increase the prospect of attracting, recruiting and retaining the best staff.

Industryus HR offers full recruitment services, with fee structures that support SME employers.

We specialise in the following role types across all industries:

  • Executive level
  • Management level
  • Professional
  • Human resources
  • Blue collar and technical
  • Financial and administrative

We choose the most relevant sourcing channels to develop a strong shortlist for your specific role. Our tailored screening may include skills and psychometric testing using leading software, or other practical tests which measure capability. We also personally meet, interview and assess every candidate we send to you.

Get in contact with us on 1300 15 10 11 or via our online contact form to discuss your requirements and to obtain a written quote for recruitment services.