Want more for your dollar than a recruitment agency can offer? Get flat fee, bespoke recruitment services that won’t break the bank…

Outsourcing your company’s recruitment processes is smart business. Where your managers are engaged in recruitment activities, they are not able to do the work you have hired them to perform. Save time and money by engaging a professional recruiter to find you talent – but rather than going with an expensive recruitment agency, try Industryus HR. 

Industryus HR is not like a typical recruitment agency – we are more like your own internal recruiter. Your investment is based on the process we perform for you, rather than by expensive placement fees that a recruitment agency charges. Our main purpose is to save you time by doing the recruitment process for you – freeing up your busy schedule to focus on other things.   

Our flat fee professional recruitment packages start from $1900 +GST. Contact us on 1300 15 10 11 to find out how we can add value to your organisation rather than eating up profits with recruitment agency fees.  

Industryus HR conducts recruitment processes for a range of positions across all industries:

  • Management and senior roles 
  • Professional roles 
  • Human resources roles 
  • Blue collar 
  • Financial and administrative
  • Hospitality and customer service. 

Dependent on the package you choose, our tailored screening may also include skills and psychometric testing using leading software, or other practical tests which measure capability. You have the ability to choose a package that suits your needs, whether you need a bit of support or full recruitment agency style support. We will work with you to determine what package will suit your circumstances, budget and available time. 

For more information, speak to a recruitment specialist on 1300 15 10 11.