Industryus HR commenced providing HR solutions to SMEs in 2016 and hasn’t looked back.

HR solutions Our bespoke style agency was founded by Shelly Baker – chief HR guru, fierce employer advocate, employee relations leader, continuous improvement junkie and passionate Speaker on workplace culture.

Shelly felt that HR solutions in large organisations could be easily transferable to less complex workplaces. In fact, the ideology that suggests running a small business like a big business to become one is completely relevant to human resources. From this thinking, Shelly formed her own company and the rest is history.

Our offering continues to develop in preparation for the changing needs of our clients and the HR industry. Our focus remains on building lasting relationships with leaders who prefer a more personalised experience than they would get with a larger, more generic HR provider. We love getting to know our clients, what makes their businesses unique, and partnering with leaders to improve their workplaces.

Our story is yet to be completed, but we do hope you will come on the journey with us.

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