Make your new employee’s first day awesome! Here’s how..

Ever turned up to a new employer on your first day and it’s complete and utter chaos? Many moons ago I recall being enormously excited about landing my dream job, only to turn up and the guy who was supposed to greet me had decided to take the day off. No-one even knew I was starting that day! Let’s just say, that was a short lived career move. So make sure you make your new employee’s first day much better than my own experience.

So if you are keen to impress the socks off your new employee and give a lasting first impression, below are some practical tips to make your new employee’s first day enjoyable.

Make sure everything is ready for them – set up computers, system passwords, stationary, seating arrangements etc. BEFORE they arrive. Spending an hour on the phone to your IT provider to sort out logon problems is not a good look.

If you are the agreed contact person be available. Block out your calendar and let people know you won’t be available for meetings or phone calls during the agreed time frame. Make your new employee feel important.

Also make your new employee feel welcome – take the time to introduce them to each direct team member individually and also assign someone as their go to person for their first few days. Your new employee will inevitably have questions that need quick answers while they are settling in.

Make an induction plan – schedule in specific times for meet and greets, compliance training, site tours etc. This way your new employee can see what they have on for the day and won’t feel lost and confused.

Before your new employee leaves for the day, ask how their day was and if they need anything else. It’s always best to leave a positive last impression before they give their ‘first day scoop’ to their loved ones. Hence why it is important to make your new employees first day enjoyable.

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