Leadership is not a position or a title, it is an action and example.

Industryus HR offers practical leadership workshops and other support options delivered by experienced leaders. Where your leaders are well equipped to deal with daily challenges, an extraordinary workplace is possible.

Leadership Workshops
A suite of face to face leadership workshops focusing on transforming managers to become better people leaders. Offered onsite or at our training facility in Palm Beach, we can deliver the leadership workshop flexibly to suit your operational needs. Our leadership workshops are facilitated in small groups and focus on the following topics:

  • Compliant coaching, counselling and discipline processes
  • Reviewing performance and providing feedback
  • Best practice recruitment and selection techniques
  • Safety culture for leaders

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Industryus HR Membership
Our membership enables leaders of all levels to gain support to make appropriate and strategic decisions relating to people management. Available whenever it’s needed, leaders can make contact via the telephone to seek advice and guidance on human resources related issues. Unlike generic providers who operate call centres, our advice service has a more personal feel and we get to know your business and its challenges over time. It’s a smart option for leaders who are interested in increasing practical know-how for correctly dealing with a range of workplace situations.

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HR mentoring
Many of our HR specialists have previously led successful HR teams and have also extensively coached senior operational leaders on day to day employee matters. Industryus HR offers one to one mentoring packages for junior human resources staff. Often, SMEs may not have a senior HR mentor available due to company size or HR may report to another function such as Finance. Our HR mentoring program is a smart choice for companies who wish to offer development opportunities for stand alone HR employees.

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