Access useful interview questions (and other documents) for recruitment so you can run the process internally

The Industryus HR membership is handy for organisations that prefer to self-recruit. Under the membership, organisations can obtain useful HR advice before, during, and after recruitment, and also recruitment documents such as interview questions. Depending on the level of membership you choose, you can gain access to letters, templates and forms to assist with the entire employment lifecycle. This is particularly handy if you need quality employment contracts or policies.

Despite recruitment being a tough gig at the moment, a large proportion of recruitment can be done successfully in-house. This is particular for standard roles such as administrators, operational staff, and middle managers. However, the more thorough the process, the better the results of course. If you are wanting to outsource your recruitment our sister company Red Rover® Recruitment can assist you!

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If you are intent on hiring inhouse, you may wish to know that the largest mistake we observe with inhouse recruitment is inconsistency with interviews. Usually, the inconsistency looks like random meet and greet interviews, with little preparation and planning. In this situation, rather than a structured, careful selection process, often recruiting managers are feeling strapped for time and rush it or due to lack of applications choose the best of a bad bunch. But, recruitment is like lotto. Where time isn’t spent to get to know a candidate properly, and candidates are not properly compared to each other, the odds of selecting the right person are highly reduced.

Having the combination of good HR advice and readily available interview questions and recruitment documents for managers, will enable them to be in a position to make better recruitment decisions. Seeing as the true cost of recruitment can be up to 50% of the incumbent’s salary, it makes sense to save on recruitment fees where you can, and have the right support in place.

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