Human Resources support for SMEs 

Industryus HR is a bespoke human resources agency, providing human resources support to small – medium organisations.

‘Just ordinary’ HR is not our thing. Our talented HR specialists help business leaders like you, improve internal human resources practices to create extraordinary workplaces.

We deliver HR products and services which cover the entire employment lifecycle – contributing to increased employee productivity, higher engagement and a positive culture for your organisation.  We are your HR business partner – helping you to make positive workplace changes while keeping risks in check, via outsourced HR. 

Our clients are forward thinking SME leaders who desire effective, bespoke HR for their workplaces. They want a personalised experience, commercially focussed advice and reliable technologies which are all essential for a modern, thriving workplace.

What’s in it for you?

Engaging an Industryus HR specialist for your organisation’s human resources gives you immediate HR expertise. Our consultants have partnered with successful brands and managed impressive human resources strategic initiatives across Australia. By choosing us, your organisation will gain access to highly experienced human resources professionals who will work with you to achieve your specific HR needs. 

For SMEs, outsourcing HR is a smarter option than hiring an internal resource. Outsourcing enables you to gain access to highly experienced human resources support at a fraction of the cost of hiring an equally qualified person in your business. 

Our industry experience is second to none. We are highly trained in all aspects of human resources support. Our HR Consultants are also well regarded project managers with solid experience coordinating end to end human resources projects related to process, culture, compliance,  and software implementation. When considering your outsourced HR provider, experience matters. 

You need human resources support? 

You may wish to work with us for a number of reasons including:

  • your organisation has grown and leaders need the reassurance of having access to regular HR support; 
  • you are interested in working with a best in class provider and creating a more modern workplace;
  • there may not be HR expertise in your team, so you feel more comfortable having an expert on hand for advice and support;
  • there may already be basic HR support in your team, but this person may not have expertise to manage more complex staff matters and cannot take your business to the next level;
  • you may not have the time to effectively manage human resources;
  • it may be more financially beneficial to outsource HR, rather than paying someone internally to focus on it;
  • there may be a need for a specialist to implement a new HR program or initiative or a larger project that you are not resourced for;
  • you may be interested in gaining a HR mentor for a less experienced staff member; or you recognise HR is vital to your bottom line and wish to engage a reputable firm to work with.

Where we work

Industryus HR partners with small to medium organisations Australia wide. 

Our Head Office is located at Palm Beach, the Gold Coast, and is just off the M1. Our clients are in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, and beyond. 


Book a free consultation

Make a booking with us for a free, no obligation initial consultation where we will get to know your business better and provide information on what Human Resources support solutions might suit your individual needs. Contact us today.