A tailored Human Resources Consultant solution for SMEs


HR solutions Hi, I am Shelly Baker, the Founder of Industryus HR.

I haven’t always run my own company. In fact, my experience lies in private enterprise where I worked for many years in Human Resources and Industrial Relations roles for well-known brands such as RACQ, Accor and Mantra. Working at the executive level enabled me to gain significant experience with complex employment relations matters and HR initiatives. At that time, I had regularly thought to myself how amazing it would be to apply all I have learnt and experienced to smaller organisations to help them be more effective. In fact, the ideology that suggests running a smaller business like a bigger business to become one is completely relevant to human resources. In 2016 I left the corporate world and formed Industryus HR.

I am firmly invested in ensuring Industryus provides the market with a Human Resources Consultant solution for established SMEs that is a bit different. A solution that is affordable and based on what the client actually needs. A solution which offers truly experienced consultants with big business expertise. And a solution that is personal and tailored, and where a true partnering relationship can prosper.

From behalf of the Industryus team, we look forward to working with you.

A credible, experienced HR team

Industryus HR is a specialist human resources agency, providing human resources support to established organisations which are looking for true HR experts to manage their employment relations.

‘Just ordinary’ HR is not our thing. Our talented HR specialists have partnered with successful brands and managed impressive human resources strategic initiatives across many Australian organisations. You can be assured that your human resources obligations are in the right hands.

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