HR Support – My business has none!

FY2019 is just around the corner and many businesses have either already commenced planning and budgeting or are about to start thinking about it. Have you thought about HR Support ?

It’s very common for small businesses to lack proper and compliant human resources practices, and it can seem overwhelming when thinking about where to start. The good thing is that it doesn’t take too much to get your HR basics in order. So, for those business owners who are ready to put some focus into HR to help decrease exposure and improve workplace productivity, below are three suggestions which are valuable whether your business has 1 or 100 employees.

1. Implement employment agreements for all employees (including casuals), or have an audit of your current employment agreements conducted to ensure your business is protected.

2. Have position descriptions drafted for all positions so that there is clarity about what each role does, where each role fits, and what each role’s purpose is within the business.

3. Get essential employment policies in place such as a strong Code of Conduct and a clear Discrimination and Harassment policy so that employees know what is expected of them and to reduce your business’ exposure to claims.

If you would like assistance with HR Support, Industryus HR specialises in all three areas and can make it a simple and pain free process. Contact us on 07 5655 4047 or click here for a free and no obligation quote, tailored to your business requirements.

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