Extraordinary workplaces adopt smarter ways to manage people.

If you think human resources software is too expensive for your business, think again. With a range of products on the market which are designed for small and medium-sized workplaces, moving from clunky paper-based processes to the cloud is now affordable.

Manually handling HR documentation and processes is time-consuming and difficult to keep up with. Imagine moving away from paper-based processes to an affordable online option that can manage the entire employment lifecycle.

It’s important to speak with an expert before choosing software as each product has slightly different features. Some will align automatically with your current software or processes and some will require a manual integration or workaround but may still be more beneficial. Some products will include all the features you require and some will include features that will help your workplace as it grows.

Industryus HR can assist with providing advice and product recommendations that suit your specific needs. We can assist with:

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

All of your employee information in one place. Cloud-based software may include online storage of data, policies and forms, applicant tracking, onboarding, offboarding, online leave, timesheeting, performance review, auto-generated employment contracts, e-signature forms, organisational charts, employee directories, and reporting. Check out our preferred HR software providers here.

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enableHR software



Deputy Timesheeting software

15 Five Performance Review Software

We can also assist with:

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Reward and Recognition Systems
  • Payroll Systems

Don’t have the time or expertise for your
software implementation?

Industryus HR is experienced in project managing cloud-based implementations. Mostly, implementations can be completed remotely which means your business can carry on as usual while the implementation work is taking place. You will be delivered a completed and fully tested online platform, including training for your staff.

Outsourcing your software setup can often be more cost-effective than taking care of it internally. Using an experienced team means that less time is spent on the implementation and the project doesn’t drag out.

If you would like to find software for your business and start modernising your processes, talk to us today. It will change your life (well… at least your work life!).

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