Post redundancy support

Q. I am planning to make a position redundant soon but I am concerned that the long term employee who is in the role won’t cope with the news. I need help with redundancy, particularly following the redundancy.

A: Being retrenched is a significant life event for many people. How a person reacts and copes with the change will depend on a number of factors including their personality, their personal circumstances, their current and future goals, their confidence level and their tenure with the business, to name just a few.

As redundancy is usually a big deal, the most responsible approach for employers to take is to organise outplacement for the departing employee.

Outplacement counselling sessions are usually facilitated by a third party and provide guidance and support for employees to manage the transition from redundancy to a new employer. Topics discussed at sessions usually include career guidance and evaluation, resume writing, job search skills, interview preparation and other important topics that assist in a successful transition to a new employer post redundancy.

If you are planning to make a position redundant in the future, call Industryus HR for help with redundancy on 07 5655 4047 for a free, no obligation Introductory Call where we can check if your plans are compliant with legislation and we can also take you through outplacement options. Or visit our Redundancy and Outplacement page.

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