Is your business at risk of increased injuries, expensive worker’s compensation claims or penalties from the regulator?

With tougher penalties for WHS breaches, now is the time to get your Work Health and Safety sorted once and for all, with a consult with our Gold Coast Safety Specialist sister company Big Yellow Safety.

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Why improve safety in your business?

Gold Coast Safety

  • To reduce the risk of workplace injuries which lead to workers needing more time off than necessary and in turn impacting the operations of your business;
  • To reduce the length of worker’s compensation claims. The larger the injury the more time that may be needed away from work and the more complex the return to work process;
  • To save money on worker’s compensation premiums which can be costly and impact you at premium renewal time;
  • Protect your business from expensive common law claim payouts as a result of business negligence;
  • It’s your obligation to. Under national work health and safety laws, PCBU’s have an obligation to ensure that the health and safety of workers and others is not put at risk by the work carried out by the business or undertaking. You could get heavily fined or even go to jail under industrial manslaughter laws, if you turn a blind eye to safety practices; and
  • It makes financial sense to. Your workers are your business’ largest expense so why wouldn’t you invest in keeping them safe?
  • It will improve your overall business culture, reputation and profitability. Where your workers know that you care for their safety, they will be more likely to do the right thing, care for others and tell everyone their workplace is a great place to work.


Get the safety essentials today and book in with Big Yellow Safety – your Gold Coast Safety Specialists.

We also offer comprehensive Safety Management Systems if you are interested in investing in a holistic approach to safe systems of work for your business. Safety management systems are not software, but a systemised way to manage your safety so that nothing is missed. All businesses that are exposed to risks should have a safety management system in place (E.g. trade businesses, manufacturers, distributors, tree and landscaping services, NDIS and home care, drivers, etc.)

All workplaces have at least some level of risk. Enquire about a Safety Health Check, conducted by a Gold Coast Safety Specialist which identifies gaps and provides recommendations on what needs improving in your workplace. It’s often a good starting point for those businesses that simply don’t know where to start with their Work Health and Safety.

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