Dismissal – don’t make a costly mistake

My staff member has raised a number of questions about his work conditions. It’s quite annoying and taking up too much of my time. Can I consider a dismissal or will it prove be a very costly?

A recent case from the Fair Work Ombudsman highlights the risk of dismissal of an employee under these circumstances.

In this case, a Gold Coast security company owner was penalised $115,668 by the Fair Work Ombudsman after he admitted taking unlawful adverse action against a guard by dismissing him.

It was found that the owner dismissed the employee after this employee had queried their own work roster.

The Fair Work Act 2009 makes it unlawful to take adverse action against an employee for making a complaint or enquiry in relation to their employment.

Therefore, this case is a strong reminder that adverse action penalties are uncapped and employers that do the wrong thing can expect hefty fines.

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