• Why Industryus?

    Industryus HR specialises in advice, compliance, and effectiveness (our HR ACE™ approach to HR). We work with established organisations and business leaders who are successful in their own right but are more than likely not employment law experts. Our clients want to be the best in their field and recognise that their HR needs to be in top shape to get there. Could this be you?

    Engaging Industryus for your organisation’s human resources gives you access to immediate HR expertise. Our experienced HR consultants have partnered with successful brands and managed impressive human resources strategic initiatives across many Australian organisations. By choosing Industryus, your organisation will gain access to highly experienced human resources professionals who have the know-how to achieve your specific HR needs.

  • What is your approach to HR?

    As the Fair Work Ombudsman continues to ramp up inspections on businesses large and small, inevitably, your company will come under the scrutiny at some stage. Our HR ACE™ approach is threefold;

    1. to help you and your leaders understand your employer obligations via advice
    2. to be better protected with the right compliance in place; and
    3. to help your organisation be more effective at managing your day to day HR obligations.

    Upon engagement, our members are onboarded to Industryus via our induction program, which is included in our fees. This program enables Industryus to understand each client more intimately and for our clients to receive tailored support where it’s needed. One of the key advantages of engaging Industryus is our customised approach to HR.

  • How do I choose a credible HR provider?

    Unfortunately, not all HR firms are made equal. Therefore it’s really important to do some research and go beyond the website, which is essentially a sales pitch.
    When choosing a human resources provider, there are some essentials that the untrained eye should be aware of. Here are four main ones:

    1. Look at what you are trying to achieve. If the objective for your organisation is to receive best in class advice and support to ensure it is compliant and making the best strategic decisions, then you need a provider that can deliver. You will get what you pay for with HR, but you also don’t need to spend a fortune on initiatives that you don’t need. There should be a nice balance between cost and value and that is why we introduced our HR ACE™ approach – so employers have a clear HR plan in place.
    2. Beware of HR providers who want to lock you into 3 and 5 year contracts as more often than not, the service of these firms is below par and there is nothing you will be able to do about it because you are locked in. We don’t have lengthy lock in contracts and in our opinion, we offer the best value for money in the industry.
    3. True expertise is gained by niching in a particular area. Avoid “one stop shop” HR firms who say they are experts at everything. This is unlikely. Also avoid recruitment agencies who pose as HR firms. Recruitment agencies that advertise both recruitment and human resources may successfully find your next employee, but they have not likely gained enough hands on employment relations experience to fully understand the law and offer strategic human resources solutions. On the other hand, Industryus specialises in advice, compliance and effectiveness for your workplace and we are employment relations experts. It is our only focus, so our efforts are not about trying to be everything to everyone.In summary, do your research. Look at LinkedIn profiles for confirmation of previous roles and experience in senior Employment Relations/Industrial relations/HR Business Partnering roles. Check Facebook for confirmation of actual expertise in their field, and look for what seems to be their area of focus. Choose wisely.
    4. Work out what kind of relationship you would like with your human resources provider. Would you like the flexibility of being able to contact your own HR team on a regular basis to discuss all kinds of matters, or would you prefer a more formal structure where you contact your provider only when you really need to. Is it important that you reach a small team who understands your business and knows your leadership too, or would you prefer something less personal like reaching a call centre type environment where you speak to someone different each time you call?Industryus is a small bespoke style HR agency, meaning that everything we do is tailored to your organisation. We like to get to know your business, key leaders and the way you operate. In turn, you will feel assured that you are interacting with a team that understands your organisation and is available whenever you need.


  • What type of clients do you work with?

    Mostly we work with organisations which have been established for at least a few years, and which are keenly focussed on growth and improvement. Usually, these are companies or NFPs with between 10 and 200 staff, but not always. They either have no internal human resources presence at all, or some may have a HR/payroll administrator on site.

    The team at Industryus HR has a wealth of ‘hands on’ human resources experience which spans many industries. Our expertise attracts clients who are leaders in their field, or who aspire to be, and therefore they are looking for a HR Agency which has proven expertise.

  • What’s the difference between your membership and others I have seen?

    Lots. Industryus is a bespoke style HR agency offering best in class service and expertise. Our membership suits organisations who are looking for a true specialist, and something different to what larger call centre type providers can offer.

    You won’t reach a call centre, and you won’t have to tell someone your entire backstory each time you call for advice. The Industryus membership doesn’t require you to be locked in for 3 or 5 years, and did we mention that our advice line is manned by experienced employment relations consultants?

    Also be wary of providers who limit how long you speak to a HR consultant (e.g. one hour per month). These schemes can get very expensive when you have a number of HR issues to deal with at once.

    Our member portal offers a range of useful documentation for leaders to use when managing day to day obligations. We are always thinking outside the box, and regularly add new and relevant forms and templates to the suite. Our portal is also really easy to access, and our members love that they can be self-sufficient with anything from running recruitment interviews to terminating an employee.

    New members also participate in our free and unique Prime induction program which helps us get to know your organisation and any gap areas in your human resources.

    For more information on our membership, click here.

  • Do we have to be a member to engage Industryus?

    No, not at all. However, there are extra benefits members receive such as priority project scheduling, access to our comprehensive portal and member pricing for products and services. Becoming a member is the best value option but it’s not essential.

  • We are already compliant so I don’t think we need any improvement work done. Can we use your advice service only?

    Yes absolutely. We have many clients who have engaged Industryus because they simply want the peace of mind of having access to human resources advice whenever they need it.

  • Why should I invest in HR?

    That’s simple. If you don’t invest in human resources, at some stage it will catch up to you. An unfair dismissal claim could cost up to half of an employee’s annual salary. A discrimination claim could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. A wages underpayment claim will need to be back paid and this could cost tens of thousands of dollars (or even hundreds of thousands) if you have been underpaying for a long period. These amounts don’t include the cost of your time, the stress or the legal fees it takes to defend such claims. Investing in human resources support makes sense.

    Engaging an experienced HR provider will ensure your organisation will have access to up to date advice on important legislation changes and the correct way to handle matters such as performance management and complaints.

    Really, investing in human resources for your organisation should be a no brainer. Consider it an insurance policy just like your annual home insurance.
    Besides, it’s been proven many times over that the benefits of a well-functioning team translates into better revenue and less operating costs.

  • Do I really need an outsourced HR provider?

    If you haven’t had your HR compliance checked recently by an expert (or ever!) how would you know if your organisation is complaint? Your organisation may be ticking along ok, but is it really operating the best it could be?

    Below are some reasons why organisations engage an external human resources provider:

    • The organisation has grown and leaders need the support of having regular access to a HR consultant;
    • There are concerns that the organisation may not be compliant with Fair Work laws, and a check is warranted;
    • There may not be human resources expertise in the organisation, so having an expert on hand for advice and support provides peace of mind;
    • There may already be basic HR support in the organisation, but this person may not have expertise to manage more complex staff matters and cannot take the business to the next level;
    • Leaders may not have the time to effectively manage their human resources obligations;
    • It may be more financially beneficial to outsource human resources, rather than paying someone internally to focus on it;
    • There may be a need for a specialist to implement a new HR program or initiative or a larger project that the business is not resourced for;
    • There may be interest in gaining a HR mentor for a less experienced staff member;
    • There is recognition that good HR is vital to the bottom line and the organisation is keen to engage a reputable firm to work with.
  • What locations do you service?

    Industryus clients are currently located as far north as Cairns, as far south as Melbourne and in regional centres. We operate nationally, so regardless of where you are located, we can work together.

  • Do you offer a free consultation? Will you do the hard sell on me during the consultation?

    Yes, we offer a free 30-minute consultation.

    During the free consultation we will find out more about the human resources issues at hand and advise what we think an appropriate pathway might be. Anyone attending a free consultation does not need to be concerned about hard-selling techniques. We let our expertise do the talking and provide you options to take away to consider.

  • Do you accept credit card?

    Yes. We accept credit card for all products and services. Many of our clients prefer credit card for flexibility and so they can take advantage of airline mileage schemes.

  • I want to change HR providers but I’m not sure how. Can you assist?

    Absolutely. The best thing to do is book in a free 30-minute consultation which can be done here. Some providers have exit terms and conditions. If you are unsure, we can assist you to understand your obligations, making the switch smooth and easy.