Avoid disputes with clear and compliant employment contracts.

Written employment contracts (also known as employment agreements) set out both party’s rights and obligations so there is no ambiguity. This means that employment relations issues that arise can be sorted out more easily. Employment contracts also set out an employee’s entitlements such as those covered by the National Employment Standards (the NES). Whether your employees are covered by a Modern Award, are Award free, or are under an Enterprise Agreement, it is important to get it right to save your organisation from employee related issues in the future.

Handshake deals or verbal agreements can often result in a frustrating situation for businesses when a dispute between the employee and the employer occurs. Disputes such as these often lead to poor outcomes in the Fair Work Commission and high costs for the employer because it’s one person’s word against another’s.

Written employment contracts are an absolute essential for any business that employs staff. If you are unsure if your business is meeting its obligations in this regard, Industryus HR can conduct a review and let you know where you stand. This is a simple process where we visit your business and conduct an audit to identify gaps in required employment documentation.

Engaging us for your employment agreements helps you to:

  • Save time by removing the administrative burden on your work day;
  • Ensure your business is compliant with Fair Work law and Modern Awards;
  • Safeguard your business from unexpected back payments to employees;
  • Provide a positive first impression to new employees; and
  • Create peace of mind, knowing your agreements are being handled by a Human Resources specialist.

Make things clear with Position Descriptions (PDs)

Position Descriptions are an important element of new employment documentation as they set out responsibilities and other key aspects of a position such as reporting lines and key capabilities of the role. It’s recommended that all new employees receive a PD along with their employment contract.

PDs are a helpful tool for a range of workplace functions, including:

  • For recruitment, as they give prospective employees an insight into the job being applied for. Providing a PD to a prospective employee also gives a professional and organised impression of the company to the candidate;
  • For performance, as they provide an overview of the employee’s accountabilities such that it is clear what they are responsible for and who they are accountable to;
  • For pay, as PDs provide a basis and comparison point for pay level grading and remuneration.

Developing PDs can be time consuming but their benefits are many. By outsourcing these to Industryus HR, the job is done quickly and professionally, without pulling valuable resources from your teams into the project. Where organisations have a preferred template, we are able to work with it. Otherwise, we can suggest a suitable one for you.

Contact us today, and we can talk you through the available options for your workplace.