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Workplace health and safety resources – Coronavirus info

Under workplace health and safety obligations, all employers must attempt to reduce this risk of Coronavirus exposure in their workplaces. Have you put steps in place to protect the health and safety of your employees? Find Coronavirus information, resources and related links related to Coronavirus.


  • Infographic – What to do if there is a suspected or actual case of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Click here for Infographic


  • Washing hands correctly – World Health Organisation method

Experts have confirmed that one of the best ways to keep safe from spreading or catching viruses such as COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is to regularly wash your hands. But, have you ever been shown how to wash your hands correctly? Most of us are probably not spending enough time on it or are using the incorrect technique. Watch this video which shows the correct method for washing hands.


  • Poster for correct respiratory hygiene in the workplace

All staff should practice good hygiene while at work to prevent the spread of illnesses such as COVID-19. We recommend employers place posters at all sites which teach correct respiratory hygiene.

Click here for correct respiratory hygiene poster


  • Health and Safety Tips for the workplace by Work Safe Australia

Work Safe Australia has updated information for employers about steps that can be taken to reduce risk. Visit Work Safe to find out more.


Government Support for Employers – Coronavirus

  • JobKeeper

The latest fact sheet on the JobKeeper payment is here. It covers FAQs.


General Tips for Employers – Coronavirus info for employers

  • Provide regular status updates about COVID-19 to staff to keep them informed and to reduce myths. We recommend information from which is updated daily.
  • Provide information about the symptoms of COVID-19 and what employees should do if they have any symptoms. I.e. do not come into work and seek medical help.
  • Provide information/display signage encouraging employees to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly.
  • Provide information/display signage for better respiratory hygiene practices. E.g. employees should sneeze into their elbows and not their hands.
  • Allow employees to work from home, if operationally possible. Ensure home office health and safety obligations are met.
  • Where employees cannot work from home, remind employees that they should not present to work if they are unwell, and direct managers to monitor the situation and have discussions with employees about whether they should be at work.
  • Ensure there are hand sanitisers and tissues readily available throughout the workplace and remind employees to use them, and where they are kept.
  • Encourage employees who share equipment such as phones or laptops that they should wipe down this equipment with sanitiser after use. Put signage around as reminders.
  • Communicate any revised company Travel policy (e.g. some companies are restricting overseas travel and limiting non-essential interstate travel).
  • Keep connected with employees who are working from home with emails, phone calls, video conferencing tools such as Zoom, and social communication tools such as Workplace by Facebook.

Where to get updates on Coronavirus

Updating employees on Coronavirus can help put to bed unhelpful rumours and reduce anxiety about how the issue is being handled in the workplace.

We recommend employers check the Department of Health website for daily updates on Coronavirus.

There is also good information on Smart Traveller and from the World Health Organisation.

HR Advice and Support – Coronavirus

With uncertain times ahead, employers of all sizes will be considering the impacts and the future. Obtaining the right Coronavirus info for employers will become critical.

Industryus HR can offer smart advice and strategies for employers which will better position them to ‘weather the storm’ and get through the difficult period ahead.

We offer flexible options and also payment plans to approved businesses.

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