Industryus supports the local community with a number of activities and initiatives which support young people to enter the workforce with confidence.


Community initiatives

Griffith University Industry Mentoring Program

Industryus has been involved with Griffith University’s Industry mentoring program since 2018. Students engage with their mentors in-person and/or online, forming relationships that enable students to overcome barriers to industry engagement. Industryus has mentored numerous students and regularly attends events held by the uni.


Industryus enables new Graduates to gain on the job experience by offering short internships. Interns learn a range of administrative and work skills during their internship, which often leads them to greater success in entering the workforce sooner.


Industryus supports community skills growth for young people by offering Traineeship programs in business subjects. Our trainees are initiated into the world of work and learn basic skills such as customer service, administration, work processes and policies.