Temporary Changes to Hospitality Award – Coronavirus

To help retain more jobs during this current crisis the Fair Work Commission has agreed to temporarily make changes to the Hospitality Award, the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2010, resulting in the relaxation of some provisions.

As such a new schedule (Schedule L) has been inserted into the Award which becomes effective as of the first full pay period on or after 24 March, and until 30 June 2020.


Essentially the temporary changes to the Hospitality Award allow the following to occur:

  • employees can work across classifications provided they have the skillset and qualifications/licenses to do the work. If they are working in a higher classification though, they need to be paid the higher rate.
  • permanent employees’ hours can be reduced to between 22.8 and 38 ordinary hours each week for full-time employees, and between 60% and 100% of the guaranteed hours per week or over the roster cycle for part-time employees.
  • where hours are proposed to be changed the employer still needs to consult as per the rules under the Award and provide reasonable notice, and if the employee is a member of a Union, the Union also needs to be made aware.
  • employers can direct annual leave to be taken provided 24 hours notice is provided and the employee’s personal situation is considered. Employees can also take twice as much annual leave at half pay if their employer agrees.

For clarity, clause 4.2 of the Award defines which types of employers are covered under the hospitality industry: it includes hotels; motor inns and motels; boarding establishments; condominiums and establishments of a like nature; health or recreational farms; private hotels, guest houses, serviced apartments; caravan parks; ski lodges; holiday flats or units, ranches or farms; hostels, or any other type of residential or tourist accommodation; wine saloons, wine bars or taverns; liquor booths; resorts; caterers; restaurants operated in or in connection with premises owned or operated by employers otherwise covered by this award; casinos; and function areas and convention or like facilities operating in association with the aforementioned.

If you need support during this time to interpret the changes to the Hospitality Award, or any other support,  the Industryus team is available and 100% operational. We can be contacted on 07 5655 4047 or book in a Free Introductory Call here

Take care everyone. 

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