Extended lunch breaks

Q: One of my employees has recently been pushing the boundaries with his lunch break. This week alone he has been late back from lunch twice and I am worried it will continue. I have tried to address it by making a comment or joke each time it occurs, but he doesn’t seem to be… Read more »

Breastfeeding and work

Q: One of my female employees will be returning from parental leave soon and is still breastfeeding. What do I need to do to meet my obligations as an employer? A: Breastfeeding is a protected attribute under discrimination legislation. Therefore, employers should ensure they provide adequate facilities and breaks for breastfeeding/expressing to take place while… Read more »

The great Aussie sickie

Who saw an increase in sudden onset sore backs, gastro and migraines last Friday 27th January due to the Australia Day public holiday? If you did, you are not alone. Let’s face it though, who wouldn’t desire an extra day off to make a very long weekend to bask in the amazing Gold Coast sunshine.… Read more »