Help! What kind of leave is this?

Q: My employee has submitted a sick leave application form for a recent unplanned day off work she took. At the time, the employee advised that she had needed to urgently visit her solicitor in relation to a private matter. However, now she has put in for sick leave for the time off and that… Read more »

Protect your workplace this flu season

As Autumn begins so does the flu season, which runs from April to October each year. It can be a tough period for the best of us but particularly for companies who rely on staff to keep the wheels in motion. For many employers, losing a potential 20% of their team to flu this year… Read more »

My business has no HR in place! What should we focus on for FY2019?

FY2019 is just around the corner and many businesses have either already commenced planning and budgeting or are about to start thinking about it. It’s very common for small businesses to lack proper and compliant human resources practices, and it can seem overwhelming when thinking about where to start. The good thing is that it… Read more »