Temporary business close downs and staff annual leave (e.g. Christmas time)

Q. My business closes over the Christmas period for a couple of weeks. Can I direct my employees to take annual leave during this period? A: When a business closes temporarily during slow periods such as Christmas time, this is called a ‘shut down’ or a ‘close down’. Employers need to check their applicable Modern… Read more »

Company Values: Thank you Uber

I must disclose that this blog post has been in development for about eight months. I have opened it from time to time, played around with it, deleted sections, added bits and asked myself the question “will SMEs find a post on Values all that relevant?” Then, like a strike of good luck Uber happened.… Read more »

Q: Am I a ‘small business employer’ under the Fair Work Act 2009?

A: It’s important to understand whether your business is classified as a ‘small business employer’, as under the Fair Work Act 2009 there are a number of concessions around termination for small businesses. For example, there is an exemption from paying redundancy pay for small businesses who are making a position redundant (although payment of… Read more »