Know your Workplace Health and Safety obligations

In terms of Workplace Health and Safety, both the employer and the employee has an obligation to ensure a safe work environment. As an employer you have an obligation to ensure the workplace health and safety of all workers whether they are employees or contractors of your business. You are also responsible to ensure the… Read more »

What are the Easter 2019 Public Holidays?

Courtesy of the Fair Work Ombudsman, below is a list of public holidays over Easter 2019 holiday season according to each state. Employers should check their relevant Award or Agreement to understand their obligations in terms of employee entitlements for Easter. Remember, if you have an employee who is working in a different state for… Read more »

Are your independent contractors just employees in disguise?

Recently we have had a number of human resources enquiries from employers about obtaining independent contractor agreements. Sometimes, upon learning more about the specific work relationship, the worker in question most likely should be an employee and the employer is actually at risk of what is termed Sham Contracting under the Fair Work Act 2009.… Read more »