Are your independent contractors just employees in disguise?

Recently we have had a number of human resources enquiries from employers about obtaining independent contractor agreements. Sometimes, upon learning more about the specific work relationship, the worker in question most likely should be an employee and the employer is actually at risk of what is termed Sham Contracting under the Fair Work Act 2009.… Read more »

iGen: who are they?

There’s been a lot of negativity in literature about how Millennials work and communicate as employees. From being disloyal and coddled at home, to expecting to climb the corporate ladder with incredible speed and minimal effort; theories on millennials in the workplace have been well documented and somewhat harsh. While some of these beliefs have… Read more »

Our new name, logo and look!

If you have been following us on social media, you will see we have big news! This week, we have retired Nexus HR and have released an updated brand and identity, which includes a new name, logo, and tagline. Soon you’ll see it everywhere – our website, Facebook, Instagram and other places we are active.… Read more »