Benefits of having a HR Consultant for guidance and support

What are your options for HR support? Are you thinking about hiring internally or outsourcing to a HR Consultant?

Your organisation may already have basic HR support, this person may be able to manage basic Administrative HR functions such as recruitment and onboarding. But what do you do if more complex issues arise in the workplace, such as underperforming employees, absenteeism or bullying complaints?

OR You may be a growing business and are at the point where you need to decide whether to hire an HR person internally or outsource a HR consultant.

Outsourcing your HR expertise to a HR consultant service such as Industryus HR can ensure that your organisation has access to guidance and support on all aspects of HR, from recruitment and employee relations to training and development. HR consultants can help your business create more efficient and effective HR functions and deal with specific challenges or issues, such as absence management or disciplinary procedures.

Outsourcing to a HR Consultant can bring several benefits:

  1. Cost-saving: Outsourcing your HR processes and procedures can help you save money in the long run. For small to medium businesses, you may not be able to justify hiring an HR person internally. By outsourcing HR functions your business could save money on overhead costs associated with maintaining an in-house HR team.
  2. Save time and stress: Reduce the stress of HR tasks by having access to over-the-phone advice and support to make decisions more confidently. Gain peace of mind knowing you can outsource the more time-consuming HR functions.
  3. Access to expertise and experience: Outsourcing to a HR consultant can bring a wealth of expertise, experience, and knowledge of HR functions. By outsourcing your HR, you can gain access to expert guidance and support on HR-related tasks.
  4. Proactive risk management: Outsourced HR consultants can equip your business with the knowledge and tools to be proactive with managing risks, putting your organisation in a defensible position.
  5. Compliance: HR consultants can help you ensure your organisation is compliant with employment law and Fair Work obligations, as these providers stay up to date with changes to Fair Work regulations and can offer advice on how to prepare and manage these changes.
  6. Increased efficiency: Outsourcing your HR takes away the stress and pressure of running a business, allowing you to focus on business improvement and growth.
  7. Develop talent: Your business may already have an HR person who could benefit from mentoring and support to improve their skills, capabilities, and knowledge in HR functions.

Overall, outsourcing to a HR consultant is a great way for your business to save money, time, and resources, ensure compliance with employment laws and obligations, and allow your organisation to focus on core business activities rather than HR-related tasks.

Industryus HR offers a membership program that is a cost-effective method of gaining the HR expertise and support your organisation needs. Freedom Members have unlimited access to telephone support and gain immediate access to our online membership portal which contains a wide range of useful templates, letters, and forms to assist you in better managing HR situations and Fair Work Obligations.

If you are interested in gaining guidance and support from experienced HR consultants, get in touch with Industryus HR. Call us on 07 5655 4047.

With years of experience in large organisations, we are your Gold Coast HR Consultant of choice.

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