Your workplace should be about people, not paperwork. Try BambooHR software.

BambooHR is an easy, intuitive human resources software that manages your workplace data so you can do the great work you really want to do. BambooHR consolidates all your employee information into a single seamless view which is held in the cloud, and accessible on any computer or device. You can then control, sort, analyse and take action on the data instantly from anywhere you happen to be at the time. Employees can self-service information such as leave balances and make leave requests from their workstations or mobile devices.

BambooHR human resources software is made for small and medium-sized organisations. Whether your workplace has one location, multi-sites or mobile workforces, you will benefit from an easier way to manage employee information. You will also save time. Imagine… no more spreadsheets and a way for employees to self service their information such as leave balance enquiries and requests.

Some technologies can be clunky, but not BambooHR. Transitioning to BambooHR human resources software is easy and using it is even easier. In fact it’s so intuitive that your workforce will pick it up in a flash. BambooHR has beautifully simple (yet thoughtfully powerful) tools that automate operational HR tasks so you can get to the strategic activities and outcomes—like recruiting, engagement, retention, and job satisfaction—that make a big impact. And the benefits of the time saved from moving paper-based processes to online workflows will be noticeable. Any employer who is aiming to grow needs BambooHR.

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As HR specialists, we think BambooHR is one of the most intuitive software on the market for small and medium employers. Industryus HR’s optional implementation management program enables you and your team to get on with business as usual work while we set up BambooHR for you. Win-win!

Watch the BambooHR software demo video

View a short video of BambooHR’s impressive functionality here.


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