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    Avoid fines, back payments and negative media exposure by engaging a HR compliance expert.
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    Understand your obligations with direct access to a human resources specialist.
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Gain peace of mind by engaging an outsourced HR Consultant

As the Fair Work Ombudsman continues to ramp up inspections on businesses large and small, inevitably, your company will come under scrutiny at some stage. Our approach is threefold; to help you and your leaders understand your employer obligations via advice, to be better protected with the right compliance in place, and to help your organisation be more effective at managing your day to day human resources obligations.


An Industryus HR consultant can assist with:

HR advice (one-off and ongoing)

Fair Work compliance reviews 

Employment contracts and position descriptions

Workplace policies and procedures

Termination, redundancy and unfair dismissal

HR software

HR project management

Unsure of your Fair Work obligations? An Industryus HR membership will give you the ongoing guidance you need.

Become an Industryus Member and receive HR consultant support whenever you need it.

Our membership is unique and tailored to the needs of small and medium business. You won’t reach a call centre when you call us, and we won’t lock you into lengthy contracts either. Our personalised service means we get to know your business, and our HR Consultants help you to manage your Fair Work obligations with confidence. 

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  • Easy to understand advice and tailored support.

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  • "Clear logic, creativity and attention to detail builds effective solutions for both people and business. Partnering with Industryus HR has provided timely and efficient solutions for us when needed."
    Heidi Suominen - Chief People Officer, RACQ
    "Industryus HR worked very closely with us during an office re-structure and assisted with advice, documentation & legal governance. I was very impressed with the detail and level of service provided. "
    Brian Menke - Chief Executive Officer, Dogs Queensland
  • "As a bookkeeper, I see business clients who need advice on employment agreements, ensuring they have the correct pay rate, redundancies and much more. I recommend Industryus HR for all my clients as I know their work is top quality."
    Nicole Clemow - Director, Avanti Bookkeeping
    "The team at Industryus HR have allowed me to worry about one less thing in the day to day running of my business. Their understanding of human resources compliance and regulation is second to none, giving me 100% comfort that we are doing the right thing 100% of the time. "
    Dane Jansen - General Manager, Positive Dynamics
  • "Excellent service! Industryus' service was professional, they understood what my firm required, and delivered in a timely manner. Highly recommended."
    Monica Lethbridge, Director, Mediamix Australia


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