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Engage Industryus as your outsourced HR Partner

As your organisation grows, it becomes more difficult to manage the ins and outs of human resources without a dedicated HR Partner. Have you considered the cost-benefit of utilising an experienced human resources manager for guidance and support?

Having a trusted HR Partner to call upon when needed is invaluable. Our flexible options enable you and your key leaders to call Industryus to seek advice and support whenever they need it. You can also outsource the tasks you don’t have time for such as onboarding documents and policy updates so that you can focus on other things.

Our approach is threefold; to help you and your leaders understand your organisation’s employer obligations via tailored HR advice, to be better protected via having the right compliance in place should a dispute, issue or incident arise, and to help your organisation be more effective at handling day to day people related processes by providing real-world management expertise.

Our HR Consultant team works with established small and medium-sized businesses from Cairns to Melbourne and in regional areas.


Make better Human Resources decisions

with tailored advice and support from an experienced HR partner.

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Our Trusted Partner Organisations

Our partners are all trusted industry leaders. Industryus partners with organisations to help them navigate their way through the various scenarios that present when employing people. Engage Industryus as your HR partner and experience the benefits.

  • "The team's availability is second to none, always answering our phone calls and emails responsively. "
    Chief Executive Officer, Not for Profit Organisation
    "I have you on speed dial. "
    CFO, National Distributer
  • "Clear logic, creativity and attention to detail that builds effective solutions for both people and business. Partnering with Industryus HR has provided timely and efficient solutions for us. "
    Chief People Officer, Peak Industry Provider
    "I am beyond thrilled! This has been such a great experience. I am so happy to be working with you. "
    CEO, Manufacturer
  • "Excellent service! Industryus' service was professional, they understood what my firm required, and delivered in a timely manner. Highly recommended."
    Managing Director, Marketing Firm
    "Great! Easy to work with and knowledgeable. "
    CEO, Registered Training Organisation
  • "The team's ongoing guidance has given me confidence and for the first time in team member reviews, I wasn't nervous!"
    Managing Director, Leading Luxury Retailer
    "You guys are amazing! The detail is next level. "
    Director, Tree Services Company